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Montebello Films in association with Ambeth Entertainment

A Film By Alex Monty Canawati

Return to Babylon

= Starring =

Jennifer Tilly as Clara Bow
Maria Conchita Alonso as Lupe Vélez
Tippi Hedren as Mrs. Peabody
Debi Mazar as Gloria Swanson
Ione Skye as Virginia Rappe
Laura Harring as Alla Nazimova
Rolonda Watts as Josephine Baker
Michael Goldman as Adolph Zukor
Marina Bakica as Alma Rubens
Morganne Picard as Mabel Normand
Brett Ashy as Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle
Wendy Caron as Barbara La Marr
Phillip Bloch as Ramon Navarro
Marion Ramsey as Miss Applebaum
Robert Sherman as Erich von Stroheim
Maxwell DeMille as Douglas Fairbanks
Alex Monty Canawati as Rudolph Valentino

= Featuring =

Jack Atlantis ... William Desmond Taylor
Don Bernhardt ... Mr. Abernathy
Jennifer Bass ... Singing Nun
Thomas Beaumont ... Mabel's Co-star
Tom Blodgett ... Gossip Columnist
Susannah Booth ... Virginia's Friend
Cynthia Brannon ... Faith MacLean
John Briggs ... Clara Bow's Director
Nicole Campon ... Bridesmaid
Kyle Christener ... Mabel's Co-star
Joseph Conarkov ... Daisy's Attorney
Rick Corbert ... Court Bailiff
Helen Curtis ... Virgina's Make-Up
Kevin Dailey ... Johnny Weissmuller
Alexis Del Lago ... Charlotte Shelby
Alejandro Delgado ... Harald Maresch
Blaine Dunham ... Hopeful Starlet
Ariel Ferrer ... Valentino's Father
Robert Grimm Jr. ... Ambulance Man
Elizabeth Heresi ... Lupe's Friend
Frank Infante ... Dr. Feelgood
Alaric James ... Henry Peavey
Gerald Johnson ... Gerald
Alou Jurasek ... Low Voice Woman
Rebecca Kato ... Lupe's Maid
Paul Kent ... Mack Sennett
Gloria Kisel ... Daisy DeVoe
Donovan C. Knowles ... Banana Dancer
Tayln Lang ... Man at Ellis Island
Dawn Laureen ... Valentino's Mother
Ashlee-Nicole Lewis ... Nurse
Devora Lillian ... Mary Miles Minter
Lina Lecaro ... Ghost Fairy
Alyson MacInnis ... Partygoer
Shane Markland ... Gary Cooper
Renata Martins ... Mabel's Co-star
Jose Mercado ... Lupe's Cook
Ted Otis ... Partygoer
Bruce Pitzer ... Priest
Shiva Rose ... Louise Brooks
Celena Rubin ... Gloria's Maid
Audrey Ruttan ... Charlie Chaplin
Yesenia Santos ... Starlet
Enrique Sapene ... Slate Boy
Emily Sardengna ... Emily
Sylvia B. Suarez ... Theda Bara
Stephen Saux ... Mr. Producer
Andrew Schaff ... Clara's Attorney
Jennifer Seifert ... Pola Negri
Ann Shea ... Actress
Adnan Taletovich ... John Gilbert
James Tuttle ... Edward Sands
Shawn Walker ... Mabel's Co-star
Michele Weber ... Court Recorder
Clay White ... Ghost Fairy
Amber Wilhelm ... Jean Acker

Directed by
Alex Monty Canawati

Screenplay by
Alex Monty Canawati
Bruce Pitzer
Stanley Sheff

Produced by
Maria Conchita Alonso
Stanley Sheff

Executive Producers
Robert Grimm Jr.
Richard Abendroth
Vera Zay

Directors of Photography
Scott Dale
Cricket Peters

Edited by
Stanley Sheff

Production Designer
Sylvia B. Suarez

Production Designer
Sylvia B. Suarez

Costume Designer
Christina Mongini

Make-Up Designed by
Vera Zay
Anna Marco

Assistant Directors
Padraic Brian Draq
Ryan Westheimer

Supervising Producer
Angela Bartholomew

Phillip Bloch
Boothe Jouvet
Elizabeth Heresi
Fuad I. Nasser
Roxanne Miller
Jaqueline Serrano
Roman Vanko

Line Producer
Jacqueline Contreras

Associate Producers
Thomas Beaumont
Dusty Dawson
Blaine Dunham
Khalid Hashmi
Emily Sardenga

Assistant Film Editors
Brian Alvarez
Spencer Smith
Stuart Smith

Make-Up Artists
Wendy Charles
Celena Rubin

Assistant Make-Up Artists
Alexandra Klasinski
Karen Nystrom

Hair Stylist
Verina Schafer

Still Photographers
Dawn Laureen
William Munroe
Linda Nguyen

Publicity Director
Howard Bragman

Publicity Assistant
Ricarte Rivera

Unit Publicist
Alex Martinetti

Additional Publicist
Lisa Perkins

Title Design
Maxwell DeMille Productions

Poem by Donald Benson Blanding

"The Charleston", "Ain't That Too Bad"
"Deep Elm", "Melancholy Weeps", "Devil's Serenade"
"Fight That Thing", "California Blues", "Everybody Stomp"
"Harlem", "He's a Good Man to Have Around"
"Stockholm Stomp", "On Revival Day"
"Soliloquy - A Musical Thought"
Performed by
Dean Mora and his Orchestra

Special Thanks to
Jack Atlantis, Susan Ashley, Alexis Delago,
Chezzare Monroe, Latifeh Hazboun, Amer Hazboun,
James Rocco Hansen, Simone Kilian, Bao Tranchi,
Joe Komarinski, Robert Starr, Scott Bagely
and all the Cast and Crew, Friends and Family
who made this picture possible.

Although based on actual people and historical events, some characters and events depicted in this motion picture are fictional and any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This motion picture is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying or use of all or part of this motion picture may result in civil liability and/or criminal prosecution in accordance with applicable laws.

Copyright 2015 by Alex Monty Canawati


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